As we all know, usage of solar power has gained immense popularity across the globe. The solar power energy is absolutely environment- friendly and best alternative for an energy source. Therefore, there’s an urgent need to teach the young generation about the benefits of solar energy. Easyteach is one of the leading educational solar kit manufacturers for every age group children. From play school to secondary class students, they offer a variety of educational aids, models, projects and interesting games for all age group children. Their main motive is to integrate the toys and games with valuable learning in an exciting way.


Easyteach has a dedicated and professional manufacturing team, who develop products in a way to help support the reasoning, intuition and perception skills of children. Their company develops different types of educational kits and projects for the overall development of children.

Now, let’s take a look at educational solar kit manufactured by EasyTeach.


EasyTeach –Best Educational Solar kit manufacturers


Solar energy is an organic form of energy which converts sunlight into electricity through a direct process called the photovoltaic effect. There are many advantages of solar energy, including low transmission cost, can be built quickly, built to serve local communities and reduces the dependence on fossil fuels. To make children easily understand the importance of solar energy, Easyteach has developed this solar power kit. With the use of this kit, teachers can make their classroom teaching more interesting and students will be able to clearly understand the concept of solar energy. Now, teachers can easily teach the benefits of solar energy in an imaginative and fun way.

Details of educational solar kit


EasyTeach educational solar kit includes several types of equipment and tools within the box.


1. The solar kit includes two premium quality solar panels through which electricity will be generated. These are working replicas of original solar panels that are used to generate electricity. It gives children the feeling of using the original panel while playing with this kit.

2. To connect these solar panels, the kit comes along with a wire.


3. There is a highly durable battery through which the entire kit works.


4. All the required tools and equipment are present in the box for better working of solar energy kit.


This solar energy kit is developed for children up to or more than 10 years of age. It’s manufactured with standard quality products to satisfy the needs and requirements of customers at cost-effective prices. The educational solar kit is a beginner’s guide to understand the concept of solar energy and how solar power is used to drive a motor. This educational solar kit is a great way to involve the young generation in technology and towards the right direction. Different school management teams can purchase this affordable solar energy kit for their science laboratory and science projects. Through this kit, teachers can make classroom learning long-lasting and gripping for their students.


To conclude, EasyTeach manufactures solar energy kits along with 250 other products in bulk across the country. It is great equipment for students to enhance their learning and creativity skills. Now, science teachers can also use this educational solar kit to simplify the learning as well as teaching process. This solar energy kit is extremely beneficial and it can be used as teaching aids in schools. Thus, schools should purchase this advantageous kit in bulk as Easyteach is providing it at relatively cheaper rates in comparison to other manufacturers.

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